English is the language of instruction and examination at the Prairie South Virutal School.  If your first or primary language is not English you will need to provide evidence of your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. These skills are required to be successful in a Prairie South Virtual School online course.

Saskatchewan schools use CFR (Common Framework of Reference or CFR), a language framework, to assess the English language proficiency of learners. The CFR addresses all the skill areas of listening, speaking (production and interaction), reading and writing. 

Students registering for online classes with the Prairie South Virtual School must have attained the level B1.2. Students who have attained their B1.2 level of English language progress are equipped with the level of proficiency to begin working on high school credit courses.  Students with this level of English understanding have the basic language skills to:

  • interact with the online teacher - phone, email and text;
  • read and understand the online course materials; 
  • achieve course outcomes in the required area of study.

Students receiving EAL supports must possess the academic language proficiency required to write examinations. It is recommended that students attain language proficiency at or beyond Level B.1.2 of the Common Framework of Reference. EAL students may NOT have a translation dictionary or other translation supports when writing exams.  All students may use dictionaries pursuant to the Dictionary Use Policy 2.3.4 which states that print dictionaries may be used for EAL A30 and EAL B30, however, the use of electronic dictionaries, translation dictionaries or any other notes or reference materials is not allowed.


Snapshot of Language Ability for B1:

english language requirements b12 online learning


For more informaiton please refer to:  pdfA Guide to Using the Common Framework of Reference (CFR) with Learners of English as an Additional Language1.56 MB