Saskatchewan home based education program online learning schoolAs a parent/caregiver you may make an important decision to home school your child.  Saskatchewan’s home-based education program allows parents to keep their children at home and provide them with education. Parents teach their child based on a written Education Plan.  The Education Plan is extensive and is an essential guide for parents preparing the course content, assessment, instructional methods, philosophical approach, and various areas of study.  Providing education for your child is a complex and very important undertaking. 


The Prairie South Virtual School can be part of the education of children in the home-based education program.  Parents can still provide their child with educational experiences and use the online elementary and high-school classes offered through the Prairie South Virtual School as a foundation. The Prairie South Virtual School can partner with families to provide the best educational experience for their children while at home.  Online teachers provide the course content, instruction, and assessment according to the outcomes in the subject area.  In the elementary grades (gr 1-8) students participate in synchronous online learning with the teacher and other online students.  In the high school classes (gr 9-12) students participate asynchronously working independently on their classes.  An online teacher is available to help students, provide instruction and feedback on assessments.


Call Jeff Boulton at 306-630-3518 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how the Virtual School can partner with families in Saskatchewan home-based-education program to provide online learning.


Saskatchewan home based education program online learning