As a parent of a child that is going to be taking an online course there are some things you can do to help them.

  1. Your child has timelines to follow, to ensure a successful completion of the course. Ask your child for a copy of their schedule and check with them weekly on their progress.
  2. Email the online teacher and ask them if your son/daughter is following the timelines for course completion.
  3. Provide your son/daughter a distraction free environment at home with a computer and Internet connection to work on their online course.
  4. As a parent you can log into HomeLogic and view your son/daughters assessments & marks.
  5. Ask your son/daughter how the online course is going every other day.


Go to HomeLogic

Log into HomeLogic - don't have a username/password? Email the online teacher to request your username/password.



After you log into the course please click Grades:

home logic step2

Then click the subject:

home logic step3