There have been many questions and concerns during this time of uncertainty. The Virtual School has many questions regarding the current state of education which we will work through collectively with the school division and Ministry of Education.

The Virtual School is aware that the current course marks are not a reflection of an overall course evaluation. The Virtual School is waiting to hear how the Ministry of Education will deal with course grades, credit attainment and graduation requirements. Be assured that the Virtual School is working for a fair outcome for all students. We are currently in a 'stop and pause' moment waiting for direction from the Ministry of Education. This will take some time - the Ministry of Education has set the "stop and pause" dates from March 20-27.  Hopefully we will know more information on Monday March 30.

Right now, what is in our control, is the continuation of online courses. It is important to shift focus to what is within our control and that is the continuation of online courses. Students - keep learning and working on your online class.

Thank you for your patience – we will get through this.