Are online courses still available?

Online students are able to continue with their courses.  Students will be provided formative feedback in the course; however summative evaluation of course work is currently suspended.  Online teachers will continue to work with students providing feedback on coursework.  Any assessment (summative evaluation) which needs to be supervised such as a quiz or exam is currently suspended.  

"implement a supplemental curriculum program through distance and alternative learning methods. While this supplemental curriculum will have no impact on final grades, it will ensure that students seeking to continue learning will have the resources necessary to do so." - Ministry of Education

What mark will I get in the online course?

Students final grade in each of the online courses will be based on the work submitted up to Monday March 16th.  Based on the timelines for the course an 'INC' or incomplete will be entered into the MSS gradebook for any missing work up to Monday March 16th.  

"Every student will receive a final grade based on their current grade, and students will progress to their next grade level next year. Every student who is eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate. The Ministry of Education and School Divisions will work with Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Institutions to adapt entry requirements for programs commencing in the next academic year." - Ministry of Education 

Student Course Engagement

It is important that all online students continue with their classes.  Continuing to learn and build knowledge and skills will be important for future courses.


Information is changing daily so continue to check your email and talk with your online teachers.  As information becomes available it will be posted here to the news section of the website.


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