• We are now open for class registration for the 2014-2015 school year.

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  • Great news - we have updated our pricing on our courses and we have reduced our course fees to $500!! 

    The course fee of $500 is for all students who are not registered with a Prairie South School.

  • The benefits of learning in an online environment are many. Successfully completing an online course builds self-knowledge and self-confidence and encourages students to take responsibility for their learning. Students' organizational and time management skills are important to successful completion. The skills students develop throughout the course will benefit them in ways which may not be apparent until later in their life/career/education.

  • We have 3 spots open total in - Pre-Calculus 20, Pre-Calculus 30 and Calculus 30.

  • Welcome back students!!  Hope you had a great summer.

    Students will recieve an email with course information before the first day of classes - Tuesday September 1st.  Depending on when you registered for the class, you may also receive the information early morning on Tuesday or during the first week back.  If you don't see the course email please check your

  • Our Cosmetology 10 and 20 courses for semester I and all year is now full, We do have room for Semester II - Cosmetology 10 and 20.

  • Accounting 10 will only be offered in Semester I for the 2014-15 school year.  Semester II classes for Calculus 30, Pre-calc 20/30 are almost full - 4 spots left!  Semester II Pychology 30 is filling up fast.  Lots of room in our other classes - register soon to get your spot in our online classes.

  • The following courses are full and we have students placed on a waitlist:

    • Psychology 20/30
    • We have closed registration for Cosmo 10 and Cosmo 20: Semester I and All Year sections.  We have room in Semester II for Cosmo 10 and 20.

      Psychology 20/30 is full for SI and All Year - but we only have 1 person on the wait list.  If you register you will be added to the wait list.  Chances are you will be in by the end of the week.

      Semester I math courses and CS 20 offered by Roger Morgan [Precalc 20 (SI) /30, Calculus 30, WA 20/30, Computer Science 20] are

    • We are accepting registrations for all classes.  We do have a few full classes; however, we are accepting registrations for the wait list in these classes:

      1. Psychology 20/30 in Semester I and All Year
      2. Cosmetology 10/20 Semester I and All Year
    • The following classes are full in second semester:

      • Pre-Calculus 20/30
      • Calculus
      • Workplace & Apprenticeship 20/30
      • Accounting 10
    • We are now full in:

      • Accounting 10 [SI and All Year]
      • Workplace & Apprenticeship Math 30 [SI and All Year]
      • Health Science 20 [SI and All Year]
      • Power Engineering 20 [SI]
      • Power Engineerign 30 [SII]
      • Computer Science 30 [SII]
      • Psychology 20/30 [SI and All Year]
      • Cosmetology 10/20 [SI, SII and All Year]
    • Social Science:

      • Law 30


      • Chem 30
      • Bio 30
      • Physical Science 20
      • Health Science 20


      • Math Foundations 20 & 30
      • Math Workplace & Apprenticeship 20
      • Math Pre-Calculus
    • I have had the opportunity to learn about Power Engineering through independent self-paced online study and through a great work experience at the Poplar River Power Plant. This experience gave me the opportunity to decide if this could be a potential career for me. This course taught me about independence and time management in order that I would be successful in completing this program. After completion of this program, I will be one of the honored students to be able to take

    • Prairie South School Division has a virtual school with 6 teachers offering 22 secondary courses. Priority is given to Prairie South students attending schools that do not offer specific courses. Our programs are customized for:

      • -students who would like to enroll in courses not offered by their secondary school.
      • -students who are unable to take a course at their school due to timetable conflicts.
      • -students who are home schooled.
      • -students who
    • We have a new registration form created for students outside of Prairie South School Division.  The new registration form contains a Principal approval step.

      online course registration

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    • We have one spot up in Semester 1 and one spot in semester 2 for either Psychology 20/30 - as of today.

    • The good news is there is still lots of room in our online courses so register now!  Courses will fill up so the quicker you can make a decision on a course the better.

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    • In Semester I, II and AY Computer Science 30 is now full.


      In Semester II we are adding registrations to our waitlist for:

      • Forensic Science 20L
      • Energy & Mines 20
      • Energy & Mines 30

      There is room in the above 3 courses in Semester I.

    • Students outside of Prairie South School division, students who do not attend school and who are adults will be able to register, next week on June 1st.  If you have any questions please contact us.