Power Engineering Summer Jobs

SaskPower will be hiring 5th class students from our program.  Students who are currently 17 years old can apply for these positions.  

We currently have a grade 12 student in our 5th Class Power Engineering program in Saskatoon who has been hired for a summer student position.  Elijah Olfert is a student at Nutana Collegiate in Saskatoon who has been hired on at the Queen Elizabeth Power Station this summer.  Elijah has been accepted into the 4th Class Power Engineering Program with Great Plains College in Swift Current this fall.  Congratulations Elijah on your summer employment and acceptance into Great Plains College.

Please contact Jeff Boulton - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions.

SII Enrollment Update

We have room in:

  • Psychology 20/30
  • Law 30
  • French 90/10/20/30
  • Pre-Calculus 20
  • Cosmo 10/20


All other classes are full for Semester II; however we will add students to a waitlist.  If you have a student who is short a credit for graduation please let us know and we will try to accomodate.

Semester II Full Classes

These classes are currently full for Semester II; however we will add students to a waitlist:

  1. Chemistry 30
  2. Math Foundations 20
  3. Math Foundations 30
  4. Physical Science 20
  5. Computer Science 30
  6. Forensic Science 20
  7. Energy & Mines 20
  8. Energy & Mines 30

Semester II Registration

If you are considering taking an online class for semester II you should register right away.  Many of our classes are filling up so you will want to get registered before it's too late.

Register Now