Enrollment Update

We have closed registration for Cosmo 10 and Cosmo 20: Semester I and All Year sections.  We have room in Semester II for Cosmo 10 and 20.

Psychology 20/30 is full for SI and All Year - but we only have 1 person on the wait list.  If you register you will be added to the wait list.  Chances are you will be in by the end of the week.

Semester I math courses and CS 20 offered by Roger Morgan [Precalc 20 (SI) /30, Calculus 30, WA 20/30, Computer Science 20] are filling up - total 8 spots left - lots of room in Semester II.





Full Classes

We are accepting registrations for all classes.  We do have a few full classes; however, we are accepting registrations for the wait list in these classes:

  1. Psychology 20/30 in Semester I and All Year
  2. Cosmetology 10/20 Semester I and All Year

Register Now!

The good news is there is still lots of room in our online courses so register now!  Courses will fill up so the quicker you can make a decision on a course the better.

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