Stop and Pause

There have been many questions and concerns during this time of uncertainty. The Virtual School has many questions regarding the current state of education which we will work through collectively with the school division and Ministry of Education.

The Virtual School is aware that the current course marks are not a reflection of an overall course evaluation. The Virtual School is waiting to hear how the Ministry of Education will deal with course grades, credit attainment and graduation requirements. Be assured that the Virtual School is working for a fair outcome for all students. We are currently in a 'stop and pause' moment waiting for direction from the Ministry of Education. This will take some time - the Ministry of Education has set the "stop and pause" dates from March 20-27.  Hopefully we will know more information on Monday March 30.

Right now, what is in our control, is the continuation of online courses. It is important to shift focus to what is within our control and that is the continuation of online courses. Students - keep learning and working on your online class.

Thank you for your patience – we will get through this.

Online Courses Update

Are online courses still available?

Online students are able to continue with their courses.  Students will be provided formative feedback in the course; however summative evaluation of course work is currently suspended.  Online teachers will continue to work with students providing feedback on coursework.  Any assessment (summative evaluation) which needs to be supervised such as a quiz or exam is currently suspended.  

"implement a supplemental curriculum program through distance and alternative learning methods. While this supplemental curriculum will have no impact on final grades, it will ensure that students seeking to continue learning will have the resources necessary to do so." - Ministry of Education

What mark will I get in the online course?

Students final grade in each of the online courses will be based on the work submitted up to Monday March 16th.  Based on the timelines for the course an 'INC' or incomplete will be entered into the MSS gradebook for any missing work up to Monday March 16th.  

"Every student will receive a final grade based on their current grade, and students will progress to their next grade level next year. Every student who is eligible to graduate from Grade 12 this year will graduate. The Ministry of Education and School Divisions will work with Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Institutions to adapt entry requirements for programs commencing in the next academic year." - Ministry of Education 

Student Course Engagement

It is important that all online students continue with their classes.  Continuing to learn and build knowledge and skills will be important for future courses.


Information is changing daily so continue to check your email and talk with your online teachers.  As information becomes available it will be posted here to the news section of the website.


Ministry of Education Information: 



Prairie South Virtual School, Great Plains College, SaskPower and Nekaneet First Nation Partnership

The newly signed agreement marks the start of the process to add Class 5 Power Engineering courses to Great Plains College current Adult Basic Education offerings. The new pathway program will allow students to complete their grade 12 education, while also completing the courses and steam-time requirements needed to write the Class Five Power Engineering exam and obtain a Fifth Class Power Engineering license.  The course materials for the two credit courses, Power Engineering 20L and 30L, are being provided from Prairie South School Division - Prairie South Virtual School, who has seen tremendous success by students participating in the online offering.

“One of the priorities in our Adult Basic Education programs is to provide students with quality education, workplace skills and industry connections for employment opportunities, so this new program really fits the bill for all of those elements,” said David Keast, President & CEO at Great Plains College. “Our Maple Creek Program Centre student body is approximately 90 per cent Indigenous, many from Nekaneet First Nation, so we are proud to provide a pathway for more Indigenous students to complete their Grade 12 while taking their first steps in a power engineering career.”jeff boulton power engineering

The proposed program will be open to the college’s Adult Basic Education students and will include two credit courses delivered through a combination of online and in-class learning, safety ticket acquisition and two weekends of hands-on experience: one in SaskPower’s mobile power engineering lab and one at SaskPower’s Chinook Power Station.

“SaskPower is committed to Indigenous employment and is always looking for new ways to provide education, training and employment opportunities for our Indigenous partners,” said Howard Matthews, Vice President of Power Production with SaskPower. “We’ve been working with Nekaneet First Nation for quite some time and we are proud to be involved in this new partnership that will assist students in earning their qualifying steam time for a Class Five Power Engineering license through the course-required hands-on experience.

“In today’s world, young people need a bit of a push to be good citizens,” explained Nekaneet First Nation Chief Alvin Francis. “My hope is that once our youth are trained and employed in this field, they will become role models for others to follow.”


In the picture (L to R):  Howard Matthews (Vice President of Power Production with SaskPower), David Keast (President & CEO at Great Plains College), Nekaneet First Nation Chief Alvin Francis, Jeff Boulton (5th Class Power Engineering Instructor and Principal of Prairie South Virtual School).


The Prairie South Virtual School staff would like to welcome you to the 2019 school year!

online learning saskatchewan high school

We hope you experience success in your online classes and have a great school year.  Virtual school classes start on Tuesday September 3rd.  Online students will receive an email with course startup information prior to the first day of class. 

On Tuesday Sept 3rd if you haven't received an email please check your junk/spam folder.  If you can't find the email, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., state your name and class you are in and we will email out course information.

Have a great semester!