If you are living in the boundries of the Prairie South School Division and are under 22 years of age, then we will not charge you tuition to take an online class offered by Prairie South (if there is room). 

If you are registered with another school outside of the Prairie South School division then you will be charged the full tuition fee.  If you are an adult student over the age of 22 then you will be charged the tuition fee regardless of the location which you live.


Students who are applying to post-secondary programs may need a high mark in a course they are already taken.  For example, you have taken Chemistry 30 with a mark o 70%; however you need a mark of 75% to meet the minimal requireents for a nursing program.

If you have recently taken the course (within the past year) you may not need to redo the entire course.  We will look at what you have done from the documentation you provide us and determine the best route for you to get a minimum mark of 75%.  In order for us to decide on what course material you don't need to redo, we need this information:

  1. Name and contact information of the last teacher who taught you the course
  2. Mark in the course
  3. Unit test/project marks
  4. What grade you are trying to achieve (ex:  If you need a class to get into a post-secondary program, what mark do you need?)
  5. Documentation on the Post-Secondary requirment of the course mark.

We will determine if you need to take the entire class again, or you may only need to redo certain units to achieve your minumum entry mark.  Our decisions are based on course content, unit/chapter exam marks and course final mark.  The mark on the summative comprehensive final exam is a substantial indicator of the overall understanding of the course.  

If the length of time has been over a year you can still do the updgrading option; however you will need to retake the entire course.