Communication is very important for successful completion of the course.  Students are encouraged to continually communicate with their online teacher.  If a student is inactive for 7 days with no correspondence with their online teacher, then the online teacher will send out an email requesting an update on their progress.  It is important that the student responds to this email.

If a student is inactive for 14 days with no work submitted and/or no communication with their online teacher, the teacher will be in contact with the student, cooperating teacher and administrator.  After 14 days a student may be withdrawn from the course.  A withdrawn student may re-enrol and be placed on the waiting list if applicable.

Commitment to a timeline is the key to success in completing an online course.  Every course has a suggested schedule for work to be completed.  If students follow the suggsted schedule chance are they will be successful.  It is important to do work daily and communicate with the online teacher at a minimum of once per week.