The Prairie South Virtual School offers Synchronous Online Classes for elementary students - grades 1-8.  We use a variety of technologies to engage students online.  We use Zoom for our main instruction platform.  Each day students interact with each other and the online teachers in Zoom lessons.  We use other software to help engage students such as SeeSaw and Google Classroom.



What does online learning look like?prairiesouth virtual school elementary online class

From grades 1- 8 online teachers will be using Zoom to synchronously meet with students. Online teachers will also be using Google Classroom. Students will be expected to log into Zoom when class starts and to interact with the online teacher and other students. Students will be able to access resources in the Google Classroom.  There will be breaks throughout the day.  Students will not be expected to be in the Zoom classroom for the full school day.  The school day will be structured similar to a regular school setting with scheduled subjects and break times.


Is it mandatory for students to use Zoom?

Yes. The primary instruction and interaction takes place in Zoom. Daily attendance will be taken at the start of the Zoom lesson.  Students will not be expected to be in the Zoom classroom for the full school day.


What are the responsibilities of parents?

We rely on parents to help their children get setup with the Zoom lesson. We also rely on parents to monitor their children throughout the day and assist keeping them on-track and engaged with the lessons in Zoom and Google Classroom. If teachers find that students need assistance, they may text the parent.  If a parent is not available during the day then another adult will work such as a Grandparent or Babysitter.


What technology is required to take online classes?

Each child in the family taking online classes must have a device to connect to Zoom - we recommend a Laptop such as a Chromebook. The children must also have Internet access. The students should also have access to a printer.


Supply Lists for Grades 1-9, 2021-22



School Supply Link

Grade 1 / 2

Christa Elder

Grade 1 / 2 Supply List

Grade 3 / 4

Tanis Michener

Grade 3 / 4 Supply List

Grade 5 / 6

Shelby Hack

Grade 5 / 6 Supply List

Grade 7

Charmaine Collinge

Grade 7 Supply List

Grade 8

Lisa Coolidge

Grade 8 Supply List

Grade 9

Lisa Coolidge

Grade 9 Supply List

What our Parents are saying:

  • Parent Feedback - Distractions

    I would recommended to other parents, because you get to monitor your kids better at home and there is no many distractions, they don't bring home virus home, therefore no sickness, no bully, and so on. 

  • Recommended

    I would recommend it to anyone. My daughter enjoys learning this way and has an easier time understanding her work. The teacher is always available and willing to help and there are no other distractions.

  • No Bus Ride

    They avoid the 2 hr bus ride to and 2 hr bus ride home from school, they don’t have to wear masks, my older child can work and complete school work at the same time.

  • Focused School Work

    My daughter first impression is not liking it and its hard. As days go by it’s getting easier for her and she really proud of herself doing great in her class as she can track her grades and work her assignments and asked me right away if she didn’t get it. She get the help she needs right away and didn’t slip her mind. So she more focus in her study.

  • Learning Independance

    I feel that they are learning to be more independent learners which will help them as they grow. The use of technology and being comfortable with learning and creating online is very valuable.

  • Less Interruptions/Distractions

    She loves the fact that she is able to get more work done because of less interruptions/disruptions from in school classmates. Her virtual teacher is also great!  

  • Great Experience

    Everything, we have an AMAZING teacher!! My daughter also suffers with some serious medical conditions and usually she would just miss school but now we are able to continue with work as we are able too. This is the most amazing thing we have ever been able to do.


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