Power Engineering

Where are the Mobile Lab work study sessions?

We move the mobile lab to the current locations:

  • Carlyle at the Gordon F. Kells High School
  • Moose Jaw at Central Collegiate
  • Assinibia at the Assinibia Comprehensive High School
  • Saskatoon at the Queen Elizabeth Power Station

Where are the plant sessions?

We are currently taking students to SaskPower facilities:

  • Coronach:  Poplar River Power Station
  • Estevan:  Boundary Dam Power Station and Shand Power Station
  • Saskatoon:  Queen Elizabeth Power Station

Students will attend the sessions at the closest plant.  Many studnets will do a Saturday and Sunday and complete all sessions.  Depending on the drive students may stay overnight in a hotel to avoid the drive.

In the near future we will expand in the Chinook Power Station in Swift Current and the new plant between Regina and Moose Jaw.

Can I drive myself and my friends to the work experience sessions?

No - you can only drive yourself to the sessions.  Students can only drive themselves to the Mobile Lab or Plant work experience sessions.  If parents choose to drive they may car pool and take multiple students.  If studnets drive themselves then the school division has insurance if an accident takes place.  If students drive other students, there is no insurance if there is an accident.

How many work experiences do I need to attend?

For each course you need to attend:

  • 3 Mobile Lab sessions - 8 hours per session
  • 3 Plant sessions - 8 hours per session

Total 50 hours per course.


For the program 20L and 30L you will spend 100 hours in the work experience program.  Much of this time is on the weekend.

  • 6 Mobile Lab sessions (3 per semester)
  • 6 Plant sessions (3 per semester)

What are the work experience expectations?

  • Attend all 3 Mobile Lab sessions and attend 3 Plant sessions - per class.
  • Sessions typically happen on a Friday, Saturdy and Sunday.  You will need to spend time at the Work Experience on weekends!
  • Workboots - you need to have our own work boots - CSA certified with the green triangle
  • Driving - you must be able to drive yourselft to and from the work study sessions.  May be up to 3 hours of driving one way to get to the worksite.