I dropped the online course - why is there a mark on my transcript?

There are specific drop/withdrawal dates we follow to withhold or include a mark on a transcript.

If a student commits to an online course then we hold that student accountable to complete the course on time. We limit our course enrollments and are often full in many of our courses. Students wishing to enroll after the course is full are placed on a waitlist. We encourage students to make a decision to stay in the course or to withdraw by the course drop date which will allow us to enroll students on our waitlist. After the drop/withdrawal date students on the waitlist no longer have the option for enrollment in that semester. After the drop/withdrawal date has passed, if the student drops the course then the course mark may be included on the course transcript.

For more information on please click withdrawals/drops.

How much do online courses cost?

  • 22 years of age and older - $500 + cost of resources and shipping

  • Under 22 not attending any school (includeds post-secondary) - FREE

  • Under 22 attending school in another school division $500 + cost of shipping resources


For more details visit our Fees page.