• Englsih Language Arts 20
  • Graduation Requirement
  • Pre-requisite: ELA A10 and ELA B10

The goals of this course are to promote personal and social development by extending your knowledge and use of the English language. An emphasis will be placed upon developing enjoyment and proficiency in the noted six key areas: reading, writing, speaking, viewing, representing and listening. This will be accomplished by enhancing appreciation and response to literature. Students will be encouraged to think critically and creatively while also accessing previously learned knowledge.

This course is organized around the following units of study and will be explored through the use of resources such as novels, short stories, videos, poems and other media.

The units of study include: Starting Out - Beginning and Becoming and Moving Forward - Establishing and Realizing. Life is a journey beginning at birth. As we travel along life’s path, we make many discoveries that change the way we see ourselves, the people we meet and the world around us. These discoveries and encounters inevitably help to form the people we become. Today we are the sum of the collection of experiences and memories that have brought us to this point. In the future, we will become different versions of ourselves as new experiences occur in our lives.