Physics 30 Course Description

physics 30 onlineThis is an academic course intended to further your understanding and application of fundamental concepts and skills. The focus of this course is on physics principles behind the natural events you observe, the technologies you use in daily like, and the recent discoveries you hear about in the news.

In this course students investigate concepts related to modern physics such as quantum mechanics, relativity, and nuclear physics. Students will analyze motion in one and two dimensions and the forces behind the motion. They will investigate work, power, energy and efficiency within a system as well as the law of conservation of energy. Lastly, students will explore gravitational, electric, and magnetic fields and their interactions. Unique to the new science curriculums, students will also be able to complete a student-directed study to explore a topic of personal interest relevant to Physics 30. Please remember, good math skills are important for success in this course.


Teacher:  Mrs. O'Brien