saskpower-poplar-riverEnergy & Mines 20 Course Description

Energy and Mines 20 takes a survey of the different types of energy in use and explores the geological history of Saskatchewan with a focus on how our resources were created. In depth look is taken on the electrical industry by covering such topics as power generation, transmission, consumption and related careers. Also, the coal industry is explored by looking at various mining techniques, uses of coal, environmental concerns and related careers.

  • Saskatchewan Geology
  • Electrical Production
  • Mining Coal

Teacher: Mr. Wandler



Energy & Mines 30 Course Description

Energy and Mines 30 concentrates on the potash, oil and gas and ‘green’ energy. Students will see how potash is created, mined, utilized and how it plays a huge role in Saskatchewan’s economy. Oil and gas modules will cover how these resources were created, how they are extracted and refined and related industries and careers. Finally, an in depth look at green energy will be undertaken with a focus on how these alternative energy sources can help us heat our homes, provide us with power and ease our fuel demand from transportation.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Potash
  • Green Energy

Teacher: Mr. Wandler


online learningStudent Quotes about Energy & Mines

"I like Energy and Mines because it is very informative and it introduces me to a whole field of careers the I didn't even know about. Also it shows me the kinds of resources Saskatchewan has to offer and how the industry is growing." ~ Tristin Walters Gr. 11 Student currently enrolled in Energy & Mines 20

"This class has improved my knowledge in many fields that I think will be important in the future. I think you did an excellent job organizing the course so that it was easy to follow and designing it in a way that made it possible to complete." ~ Sheldon Daniel Gr. 12 student who completed Energy & Mines 20 and is currently enrolled in 30.