surgeonCareer Work Experience 20, A30 and B30 (CWEX) Course Description:

CWEX is a full credit course where students learn valuable career skills and explores a career pathway.

The course features an online assignment component and a work placement component. The assignment represent 25-40 hours that would be in a classroom (regardless of how long it takes the student to do it) and the work placement component is to be 60-75 hours. The work placement is about exploring. It is a chance for students to job shadow, get hands on experience, network and generally get a feel for a particular occupation or career cluster. The assignment component has students do a resume, mock interview, and cover letter.

In addition to these skills, students get a WHMIS certification and take extensive safety training. In addition, there are modules on Occupational Health and Safety and Labour Standards. Depending on the course, the student will do either the Career Cruising interest assessment or Typefocus personality assessment. Lastly, the student learns about job searching, labour market, paycheques and taxes.

Note:  for the work placement component a teacher will need to supervise this.  This involves a visit to the workplace 3 times durring the time the student is there.  This is a WCB and Saskatchewan Ministry of Eduction requirement.

Teacher: Mr. Peterson