cow calfCow-Calf Production 30 Course Description: 

Cow-calf Production (C-CP 30) is an on-line credit course within the framework of Practical and Applied Arts (PAA). It involves about 75-85 hours of on-line instruction covering the 10 core module. To supplement the online hour component of the course, there will be opportunities for tours and farm visitations. The aim is to provide participating students with knowledge, skills, and abilities in commercial cow-calf production including farm safety procedures, communication skills and basic knowledge of machinery and livestock handling equipment as well as the care and handling of beef cattle. The goals are to provide students with:

  • Awareness of the nature of cow-calf production
  • Business attitudes to marketing and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • Community involvement
  • Sense of pride in primary agriculture production
  • Communication skills as potential employees or employers
  • Personal skills that promote:
  • time management
  • self confidence
  • proactive attitude to technology in agriculture