PsychologyPsychology 20 Course Description:

Psychology 20 explains the growth and development of human social thought, influence and behaviour by examining biological and environmental aspects of our social nature. The key to this course is looking at what motivates us to act the way we do. Major topics include memory, learning, intelligence, motivation, dreams, gender, group psychology, psychic phenomena and dysfunctional social behaviours.

Teacher: Mrs. Windrum

Textbook: Essentials of Understanding Psychology by Feldman, Collins, and Green


Psychology 30 Course Description:

Psychology 30 explores the study of human development across the time span of human life. We will primarily be studying about human growth and changes in behaviour associated with ages ranging from birth to old age and death. Major topics include genetics, adoption, parenting issues, prenatal and birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age and death and dying.

Teacher:  Mrs. Windrum

Textbook: Development Across the Life Span by Robert S. Feldman