graphs 15Foundations of Mathematics 20 Course Description:

Content in this pathway was chosen to meet the needs of students intending to pursue careers in areas that typically require university, but are not math intensive, such as the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, and nursing. This course is pre-requisite to Foundations of Mathematics 30.

In order to take Foundations of Mathematics 20, students must have passed Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-calculus 10.

Teacher: Ms. Stamm

Required Textbook:

Foundations of Mathematics 11 © 2011 Nelson Education Ltd.
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Foundations of Mathematics 30 Course Description:

The outcomes in the Foundations of Mathematics 30 course are based upon students' prior learning and continue to develop an understanding of mathematics as a human endeavour. The topics covered include
Investing and Borrowing Money, Set Theory and Logic, Counting Methods, Probability, Polynomial Functions, Exponential, Sinusoidal and Logarithmic Functions.

Teacher: Ms. Stamm

Prerequisite: Foundations 20